Allied International Security



What are the benefits of knowing your BMI?

BMI, or body mass index, is a number that reflects the ratio of your height to your weight. It’s used as an estimate of whether you are at a healthy weight for your height. While BMI is not perfect, it is a good general indicator of whether you are at a healthy weight. If your […]

7 Tips for Keeping your Business Safe

Do you own a company? Small or big? The burden of keeping your staff, building, and customers secure is well-known. It’s a recipe for disaster to chase down security concerns as they arise. By following these critical company security tips, you may take a proactive approach to defending yourself against threats. 1.  Use Security Cameras […]

5 reason why you need Security for Construction Site

Whenever you are constructing the project, you may think about a lot of things just as the protection and safety of place and assets. There is no doubt that bad actors are available everywhere who are in search of stealing useful equipment and damaging the site. The constructional sites have always fascinated the thieves and […]

Best Security Agency in Los Angeles

We’re known as one of the best security services agencies within the world. we are bonded and insured and we assure to be the best expert security guard service you want. We specialize in providing event security, mobile patrols, and alarm tracking to customers nationwide. Our armed and unarmed guards are available 24/7 for all […]

Security Guard Training Process

There is a common misconception that class ‘D’ security guards undergo a less rigorous security guard training process than the higher class armed guards and police officers. The reality is that most security guard companies who train their guards to this level, such as Allied International Security State Security Corp, hold their employees to the […]

Security Company in Sacramento, California

Get Best Security Services from one of the best Security Companies in Sacramento, California Allied International Security is completely professional and dedicated in terms of providing reliable and perfect security services in a completely friendly manner. We are offering with the fresh and latest security technology in terms of making sure that we come about […]

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