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Verification Surveillance For Nursing Homes

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    Verification Surveillance is an incorporation of technology in conjunction with human judgment and interactive response. Which means we watch and respond to events keeping your residents and property safe. Cameras watching entrances and exits can help protect your staff and charges from unwanted intruders.

    The number of retirees living in nursing and group homes is increasing dramatically. At Allied International Security we offer you a better way to protect your residents safety.

    In secured environments like memory care facilities, indoor cameras placed near exits can help prevent confused residents from wandering off the property and possibly getting lost. Outdoor cameras in parking lots, can dissuade thieves.

    If you manage multiple care facilities or have a particularly large nursing home, receive real time security alerts and view your facilities direct from your smartphone or ipad. IP video cameras provide quality footage in comparison to analog CCTV systems – making it easier to identify who is on your security camera.

    • Verification Surveillance Lower your costs and lock your security budget
    • Have a system that is custom designed to meet your facility’s needs.
    • Overnight verification of activities at your facility.
    • Ensure proper emergency response for incidents.
    • 24/7 access to your cameras and system from anywhere in the world to monitor employee conduct.
    • 30 day archive of incidents within camera range.
    • Pay no capital expense, just the monthly subscription.
    • There is no equipment to buy, or concerns about the cameras getting old and outdated. Everything is covered in your monthly subscription including warranty, labor and installation costs etc.
    • At the end of the term, if you renew the service, we refresh the system, so you’ll always have the best technology in perfect working order.

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