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Verification Surveillance For Property Management Services

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    In today’s residential communities, there are a variety of incidents that make it imperative for effective security so that residents can feel safe in their homes. Provide round the clock security to your residents without incurring yearly increases

    • Have access to incidents for 30 days that can be used in the apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrators
    • Verification Surveillance for Property Managment  more “eyes on site” than one or two guards can possibly provide
    • Report only verified incidents to local first responders and forgo the chance of false alarm charges to your property.
    • Eliminate budget headaches, lock your security costs for up to 5 years.
    • No large capital outlay. Just pay a monthly subscription
    • No equipment to buy.
    • No worries with equipment breakdown and outdated technology. Warranty coverage, labor, and installation costs are included with your subscription.
    • Not only do we watch your site, we have the ability to respond in conjunction with the local police, adding an unsurpassed level of prevention and safety not possible with conventional cameras.

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