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Theft and vandalism are costly and common issues in the construction industry. Machinery and tools left overnight at construction sites are an easy target for thieves because they can sell stolen equipment with little record of the item itself. Construction machinery doesn’t have a national database like motor vehicles do, so it can be simple to resell items with little repercussion. Having a trained guard on duty at your construction site is one of the best steps you can take to keep your company’s expensive machinery and your workers safe. 

Why Do You Need Construction Site Security?

After workers go home, the expensive machinery at a construction site is often left overnight. This machinery is subject to vandalism and theft. If your company loses machinery, it will cost you money—and a lot of it. Replacing stolen goods can cost you the price of replacing the item itself, the time spent acquiring a new piece of equipment, as well as rising insurance premiums when you report the item stolen.

Keeping your employees safe is extremely important as well. Construction sites can often be subject to random acts of violence and premeditated crimes with the motivation to steal. Safety measures for your workers ultimately benefit your business because they help you retain employees and build trusting relationships with them. We all know the importance of a positive work environment, and feeling safe is essential. When employees feel safe and happy, they are more efficient and care about doing a good job. 

The most commonly stolen construction site items are highly valued and have high mobility. On average, only about 20% of stolen construction equipment is recovered. Having a security guard on duty can take some of the pressure off, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Crime on a construction site can cause all types of issues, not just a financial loss. It can also delay projects and make it harder for you to deliver expert construction services to your clients. At AIS, our skilled guards embody awareness, education, and integrity. Let us keep your property secure.

Common Construction Site Crimes 


Equipment theft costs companies, on average, anywhere from $300 million to $1 billion per year. Even the lower end of this estimate doesn’t sound like a price worth paying. Some of the most commonly stolen items include power tools, cables, wheelbarrows, ladders, bags of cement, machinery, hand tools, and metals. Although several other potential crimes face your building site and its valuable material, theft is by far the most common. 

Theft may be the most common construction site crime, but it is not the only one. Many different types of crimes face construction companies as well as the employees that work for them. 


Construction sites often fall victim to vandalism. It is hard to pinpoint why exactly a person would be motivated to vandalize a construction site, but regardless of the motive, it will delay a job’s completion. Vandals might damage equipment, break windows, or spray paint valuable equipment with graffiti. 

Random Acts of Violence

Random acts of violence are a surprising and unfortunate form of crime that can strike at any time at a construction site. However, having a guard on duty could prevent a tragedy from occurring. Construction workers have even been murdered for no reason at all while working. Loss of life is never a risk worth taking.

Physical vs. Operational Security

There are many different ways that a security guard can make your site safer. First of all, there is a difference between physical security and operational security. Understanding these concepts can further help you assess, plan, and implement a solid security strategy. 

Physical Security

Physical security involves things like fencing, signs, lighting, locks, and scaffolding. Many times, physical security tactics include things that the business owner can provide themselves. Still, there are some physical security methods that you will need as well, such as video surveillance. 

Operational Security

Operational security is our specialty. Such methods include keeping track of risk management, evaluating protocols regularly, monitoring the site’s access points, and managing technology that monitors your location. 

AIS Construction Site Security Guards

Physical and operational security on your site can take the form of video surveillance systems, armed guards, plain-clothed guards, and construction site access control, just to name a few. Here are some examples of specific ways that AIS security guards can help keep your company’s valuable machinery and diligent workers safe.

Uniformed Guards

Armed guards will always have a hand in preventing crime because they stop criminals from entering a site. Our uniformed guards can patrol your site armed or unarmed. Security guards can not only deter criminals, but they can also watch out for any crime so that you and your employees can focus on the task at hand. 

Plain Clothes Guards

Plain clothes guards are a great way to prevent internal issues from occurring as well as external threats. As upsetting as it may be, some construction site crime does come from internal agents. Our plain clothes guards can survey your site without anyone knowing who they are, whether it be approaching criminals or workers who have ulterior motives. 

Mobile patrol officers 

Our mobile patrol officers can survey your site regularly, check for any criminal activity, and watch out for any breaches in the security that you do have, such as holes in fences and unintentional access points. Mobile patrol officers can also check on your employees during night jobs to ensure that they are safe. 

Other Ways to Keep Your Site Safe

We’re here for you, but there are some practical steps that you and your employees can start taking today to keep your site safe. By monitoring access sites, posting signs, and keeping an eye on video surveillance systems, everyone can take an active role in preventing crime.

Access control

We recommend that locks be changed out regularly since it is hard to know who might have unauthorized keys. Also, ensuring that employees dress in proper uniforms helps guarantee that only designated people are entering and leaving at appropriate times. 

Posting signs

Having signs posted around your construction site can help keep criminals away. Signs that warn criminals about video surveillance or state “no trespassing” may stop thieves from attempting to enter. 

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance service can keep you informed about what is happening on your property at all hours. Construction sites are most vulnerable to crime overnight and on weekends, so having a 24-hour watch on your lot is an extremely effective way to keep equipment safe and prevent damage and loss. Video surveillance also gives you the ability to serve justice in situations where crimes do occur.

Proper lighting

Adequate lighting is a simple step that can have a significant effect on preventing theft and vandalism. A dark construction site is an easier target for criminals because they don’t have to worry about being seen. Take the necessary steps to keep your area well lit, even into the night. It will also help guards have a better watch and make any video surveillance easier to monitor.

Be proactive

Train all of your employees to pay attention and be proactive. Pay attention to whom you hire and everyone who enters and leaves the construction site. We give our clients constant access to video surveillance, helping you keep a continuous watch on your site. It can even help you be more proactive in the event of any criminal behavior. 

Use AIS! 

Last and certainly not least, using a trusted security service like AIS is the single most important thing you can do to protect your site. Our security services can cover the surveillance work that you can’t take care of on your own. One person can only do so much. Let us help you and your company by keeping your assets safe and keeping you constantly informed. 


You and your employees can take several steps to prevent crime from occurring, such as being proactive, posting signs, and practicing strong communication amongst one another. Strive to work with trusted construction workers and train your workers to speak up if they see any suspicious activity. 

But remember: you simply can’t do it all. Hire one of AIS’s experienced security guards to keep you informed, keep your assets safe, and save your company money.

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