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As our world advances, the corporate business industry continues to shift as well. The pace has increased as the sector faces globalization, and technological advances have influenced how we do business. All types of companies face a slew of new security threats as our society progresses, and it has never been more critical to protect these corporations from data breaches, terrorism threats, and theft. 

Role of Corporate Security

Corporate security guards and surveillance systems serve an essential role in keeping employees safe and protecting your business’s valuable assets. Corporate security strives to effectively manage any security breaches or threats before they happen. Corporate security may take the form of physical security guards, video surveillance systems, virtual security software, and weapons handling. 

The average daily hospital census in the United States contains 612,000 people. The larger the building, the larger the number of people who need protection. Large buildings are at risk of terrorist attacks and violent crimes. If you are in charge of one of these large organizations, having a security service on board is absolutely vital in keeping the public safe. 

Security Methods 

There are several different ways that we can protect your corporation with our security services. We can help you prepare and plan for any security breach or risky event. Our security guards are responsive and well prepared, and we use state-of-the-art command centers and software for our video surveillance systems.  

Security Guards

We can provide your company with private security guards who survey the firm, watching out for any potential risks before they happen, or they can work in a command center and monitor the video surveillance systems. Hire as many or as few guards as your building needs depending on security needs. We are here to formulate a plan that is unique to your business’ requirements. 

Video Surveillance 

A video surveillance system is one of the best features you could add to your corporation. Such systems are a convenient way to keep a constant watch on your property. Our advanced software offers security footage available at the tips of your fingers with access from a smartphone app. Stop crime before it happens, gather evidence, and serve justice if something does happen. 

Weapons Handling 

Take the guesswork out of keeping weapons on your grounds with our weapons handling service. AIS can ensure that any emergency response weapons are stored safely and kept only in the hands of those intended to have them. Our weapons handling service will ensure that those carrying weapons hold the proper certification to do so and that firearms are kept track of, preventing them from being lost or stolen.

Strategic Planning

AIS can help your corporation develop a unique plan in the event of an emergency. Large buildings hold hundreds or even thousands of people at a given time. Creating a plan to keep this many people safe creates a logistics headache for corporation leaders. Let us help you develop a plan to protect your employees, clients, and the general public.

Virtual Security

Cyber threats continue to grow for businesses as technology advances over the years. Sometimes the most threatening criminals are the ones we can’t even see. We can help you keep your company’s valuable data protected with our virtual security services. Operational enhancement is another benefit of virtual security. It can help your company function more efficiently and save your time and energy by delegating the task of protecting data to those of us who do it for a living. 

Access Control

AIS can secure corporations by using access control methods to ensure that only authorized people enter and leave the building. Access control might take the form of video surveillance at access points, identity badge scanning stations to enter certain areas, and/or photo ID badges. 

Fire Watch Security

Fire watch security is a crucial factor to consider when running a business. If a large fire occurs at a facility, the fire department will likely require corporations to provide security guards to keep an area blocked off to protect civilians. If your business does not provide security services in this situation, your business could be subject to fines. Don’t wait until it’s too late. We’ll help you develop a fire watch plan for your business. 

Corporations We Protect

Our corporate security services aren’t just for high rise buildings. There are numerous types of businesses that need our protection, and we are wholeheartedly prepared to help any sized business that needs us. Serving and protecting our community and increasing accessibility by making our services affordable and useful for corporations across the board is our ultimate goal at AIS. 

We recognize the threats that face corporations in the modern world, and we’re working overtime to find solutions. 

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers require security for many important reasons. Our security services can help stop theft by monitoring individual stores and by watching surveillance videos. Given that shopping centers are open to the public, anyone can walk in. That is why it is essential for security guards to be on-site, well-trained, and willing to take down any potential threats.


Hospitals are at serious risk for violent crimes, whether from a patient, their family member, or a completely random bystander. Violence against healthcare workers is a serious issue that the industry faces today. Many of these violent acts go under-reported by the heroes on the frontlines who consider it to be “just a part of the job.” At AIS, we see it as our duty to protect these honorable healthcare workers, patients, and families. 

Office Buildings

Whether big or small, having a security plan in place to protect office buildings is absolutely vital. AIS can secure office buildings in a number of ways, including access control, physical guards, and emergency planning. Our goal is to guarantee the well being of your employees, visitors, and everyone within the vicinity of your building. 

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are at risk of theft and need to have a strict and reliable security service on their team. Bank robberies are not nearly as common as they once were, and that is all thanks to security initiatives such as blast-proof vaults, alarm systems, video surveillance, and security guards. Although a robbery is uncommon, the employees and customers who populate banks are still at risk from violent criminals. At AIS, we never want to let our guard down in protecting your business. We will use careful anticipation and develop a proactive plan to deal with any threats that face banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. 

Research Facilities

Research facilities hold valuable, expensive supplies, advanced computer systems, microscopes, and most importantly, extremely delicate samples and data. You might not think of a research facility as being at high risk for a security breach, but unfortunately, they are. These facilities require a unique type of security protection, and we can offer precisely what your company needs. Unauthorized entrance into this type of facility could not only result in theft or violence, but it could also damage or skew results of studies and even damage data that has taken years and years to obtain. 

Apartment Complexes 

Our corporate security services also serve apartment complexes. We can install video surveillance and hire guards to help prevent burglary and theft within your residential community. Common areas like pools, parks, and libraries also need security. We want to make spaces more safe and livable for your tenants.

The Smartest Business Move that You Can Make Today 

Our corporate security services are available to a wide variety of clients. We offer security services tailored to exactly what your organization needs. Large corporations can’t afford to lose even a small portion of the millions of dollars of revenue they may be bringing in, so choose AIS to prevent an issue before it happens. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late for your company. Choose AIS to help you protect your business with responsive and prepared security guards, strategic planning, video monitoring, and virtual protection. We are prepared to protect your business. A security breach could be the most expensive mistake made for your business, so this risk isn’t to be taken lightly. 

Hiring AIS to help protect your business is the smartest financial move you can make today. We want to keep you safe, save you money, and guarantee the well being of those who enter your company. Call for a free quote today! 

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