Allied International Security



Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers are a hassle, many people are going in and leaving at the same time. Allied Security will make sure that your shopping center remains protected from all kinds of unwanted crimes.


Hospitals are very sensitive places as it has many people who are infected with different sorts of diseases. It is very important to keep a hospital safe and we are here to provide services to secure hospitals from all kinds of threats.

Medical Facilities

Ensuring the well-being and security of patients, guests, workers, and medical care professionals require a unique approach. Allied Security has skill in every aspect of the medical center, going from the exceptionally charged environment of crisis care centers to sensitive escalated care units

Office Complexes

Our office security guards are the main purpose of contact for your representatives and guests. This administration covers the protection of corporate administrative centers, business office buildings, and individual offices.

Business Complexes

Our security guards for business complexes are additionally the main purpose of contact for your employees, visitors, and guests at your site and work to guarantee their wellbeing and prosperity consistently. Our great and dependable help is the thing that isolates us from other corporate security organizations

Financial Institutions

While ensuring the lives of workers and making sure about financial assets, there's no space for blunder. At Allied Security, we give incorporated financial security benefits that incorporate the correct innovation and actual security for your office's requirements.
Our security programs for financial institutions join the highest degree of security administrations identified with access control, entrance and departure monitoring, twilight protection, watches, and caution monitoring. We likewise offer danger warning and consulting administrations that emphasize danger appraisals, situational examination, and careful anticipating a proactive way to deal with hazard mitigation.

High Rise Buildings

High rise buildings are commonly situated in metropolitan areas and are vulnerable to different kinds of dangers. Subsequently, such settings frantically request devoted high rise security guards to guarantee the wellbeing of the lives of the tenants and the property itself. Explosions that were occurred in high-rise buildings demonstrate how ruinous it could be. In this way, every high rise building should have exceptional preventive measures to fend explosives off, and they can't leave the smallest space for blunder.Taking such precautionary measures is not a junior’s work. It requires active experience, information, and a high degree of professionalism. Experienced high-rise security guards administrations are offered in metropolitan areas and are prepared to distinguish such dangers and antagonistic situations.

Research Facilities

Research facilities are places that require a very surprising degree of security because of clear reasons. The requirement for a professional security monitor administration for research facilities can arise in different examples. In most straightforward terms, an efficient security administration is mandatory for any research office. Allied Security provides service to secure your Research Facilities.

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

At Allies Security, we have long stretches of strong experience tending to facilities security dangers in an extensive variety of manufacturing environments. We are familiar with helping our customers meet their obligations to administrative organizations. We can work with your misfortune prevention board to conduct security reviews that distinguish dangers to your office, both interior and outside.

Apartments and Condominiums

Stealing and burglary is something no one wants to happen to them. Securing your apartments and condominiums from these types of burglars is our duty. We make sure to keep your apartment safe.

Community Facilities

Community facilities are not in every case pretty quiet and serene environments. Being gotten to by various kinds of personalities consistently. Community facilities can be home for different occurrences without legitimate security. Libraries, galleries, parks, community centers, emergency clinics, facilities, and so on are probably the most common instances of community facilities.
As you would see, these facilities are available to the overall population of the area. Besides, this group by and large has free admittance to public properties. Thus, ensuring these properties is as significant as the wellbeing of the inhabitants. Nonetheless, the highest security of community facilities is not conceivable. That is without the help of a security watch for community facilities.

Gated Neighborhoods

Gated neighborhoods are very important to secure as it is a residential area. Many children like playing outside and giving them top-notch security is what we strive to achieve.

Parking Lot and Structures

Parking lots are places where different types of cars are parked and we all know that cars are an essential part of our lives nowadays. We make sure to protect your cars in these parking lots and structures.

Equipment yards

An Equipment yard can be an exceptionally tempting objective for criminals, particularly with the record costs that are right now accessible for saved resources. Everything from steel to copper link to prompt apparatus is an attractive ware, which is the reason it is essential to guarantee the security of the equipment yard.

Rail Yards

At Allied Security, we invest wholeheartedly in our professional and personal way to deal with each occupation we embrace. Our comprehension of the security area is the thing that puts us besides our competition. While looking for solid railway protection, look no farther than us. With our ubiquity as one of the main security specialists, we are here to ensure your business and vocation. We have one of the palatable reputations for giving security to our clients. Employing our rail yard security monitor administrations won't only guarantee your genuine feelings of serenity yet will likewise help discourage wrongdoing.

Warehouse and Docks

If the items you're providing to paying customers show up even a tiny smidgen broken or flawed not handiest will this value you financially, notwithstanding, it might be an awful picture for you as a seller. Through donning out watches of your warehouse, security guards mixed with our tough wellbeing structures can guarantee that your products are never at peril. Keeping your stock monitored and safely housed consistently particularly while you're out of hours will give you the delight, that your premises won't fall prey to vandals, cheats, or everyone else who represents a danger to the satisfaction of your business enterprise


There must be prepared security personnel to check every one of those people before they enter the theater to maintain a strategic distance from any uninteresting events. Getting guns and explosives far from theaters is mandatory. A solitary firearm inside a pressed theater can cause enormous harms and cost bunches of lives. At the point when a huge group has accumulated, there is a potential for resource harms except if you don't have enough security estimates applied. To ensure both versatile and relentless assets, prepared security personnel ought to be working, on-site.

Corporate Building

Corporate Building security is incredibly important. What's more, is that realizing a specific building is appropriately made sure about will probably only urge more organizations to move their operations to such an office. Truly, office building security is a success win, both for the organizations that are situated in it and for the directors that are entrusted will filling properties. Our professional security guards at Allied Security Services will protect office edifices and office buildings so the business can thrive

Construction Sites

Despite how you look at it, construction sites are vulnerable. That is the reason for putting resources into quality construction site security guards is so significant. Our on-site security administrations give nonstop monitoring of your site to guarantee no critical misfortunes happen.

Movie Studios

The rise of movie studios, link organizations, and even Netflix implies that more movies and TV shows are being recorded than at any other time; particularly in high-profile locations around the US and the encompassing areas. This implies that security around film locations, groups, and entertainers is at an untouched high.
Allied security has the very much prepared, hands-on experience needed to help secure TV and film locations while better ensuring facilities, equipment, staff, and individuals associated with making the image.

Automotive Dealers

An automotive dealership is a misleadingly intricate location to make sure about: the security plan must join best practices from retail, professional administrations, and warehousing, and be specially crafted for your particular location.
Genuine dangers from professional crooks, previous representatives, and different intruders are ever-present, and effect chiefs' endeavors to keep up a business prepared showroom/vehicle part, and by and large client cordial environment. To make sure about against provokes laid out above just as to give operational proficiency and insight, dealerships put resources into Allied security solutions.

College, Universities, Schools

Schools, colleges, and universities have both unmistakable and immaterial assets to ensure, however overall the understudies, instructors, and different guests should be secure. The requirements shift contingent upon whether the office is a preschool, high school, college, or vocational school. We, here at Allied Security, mean to give client care administration upfront help. We work intimately with educational areas giving them CRB checked, SIA licensed Security personnel on a contract premise or as and when required. Our continuous preparation makes our officers prepared to confront any test while increasing the value of their environment

Place to Worship

Places of worship are trying to make sure about since they are available to everyone with open entryways. Consequently, these locations are consistently subject to someone having terrible intentions. Guards at Allied Security are proactive and are searching out preventive measures to make the sacrosanct region secure and loose for the congregation.
Our places of worship protection guards are from all confidence to shape your necessities. We give security guards that are professional, prepared, and ensured.

Reception and Lobby Desk Areas

One of the fundamental reasons for reception and lobby areas to have professional security guards is to perform access control. As a rule, reception and lobby areas are pretty unique spots where a lot of people interface in different manners. In this way, realizing how to control access is exceptionally significant, and such a responsible errand should only be dealt with by a prepared professional. Keeping the lobby and reception areas unhampered is basic for the convenience of the visitors and staff.

Hotels and Motels

Hotel security requires a sharp brain and a significantly more honed eye. The section entryways that are kept opened to invite visitors can likewise invite excluded guests. While regard and assurance of your visitors is consistently a need, hotel security likewise requires having the option to recognize practices and different subtleties that uncover if somebody is acting dubiously. Our exceptionally prepared hotel security guards, a significant number of whom are previous law requirement or military, are all around prepared in surveying dangers

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