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Fire watch is often used in an area that does not have fire warning systems or fire suppressing systems. There are lots of reason for the need of a fire watch security services which includes, alarm system fully or partially out of service, sprinkler system fully or partially out of service, pump out of service, special hazards and other conditions as required by the fire department (FD). In case of any of the mentioned conditions, a company owner, building owner, construction site owner etc. Will be required by the fire department to provide a watch until the system is repaired or the hazard mitigated.


Most companies or construction site owners has been charged a fine while also paying a significant amount for an amateur to help conduct a fire watch because he is not following the fire department requirement and such company might be closed in case there is actually a fire. Most people employed to keep a fire have never dealt with a fire watch before and most do not even understand the requirement of the watch or the requirement the fire department has laid down.


Allied international security will provide a fire watch consultant in whom with much experience will expertly provide the fire watch service adequately and additionally be of other security service. 

The fire watch expert provided will contact the fire marshal to examine the details of the fires and will set up a plan according to the directive of the fire marshal. Some of the details of a fire watch includes; the exact location the fire watch has to be conducted, the time, exact protocol of the proof paperwork requirements, number of security guards and supervisory requirements.

Allied international security fire watch specialist will be able to start a fire watch even at a short notice. Our specialist are skilled and expert in their field to ensure the safety of our organization, company, construction site etc. Allied international security fire watch specialist will observe the surroundings, property and create a strategic plan alongside the fire marshal in ensuring the property safety. Our fire watch specialist is experienced in conducting fire, and also vigilant and aware of his/her responsibility and knows the exact protocol of a fire watch.
In case of chronic fire outburst, the fire watch specialist will be able to ensure the safety of all workers and quickly contact the fire department to quickly solve the problem.

It is the duty of allied international security fire watch to conduct periodic patrols to ensure there are no affected places or places that need repairs in other to prevent fire outburst. Our professional fire watch will identify any fire, signs of fire, life or property hazards before it affects the surroundings and also ensuring that workers or clients are not by mistake causing a fire.

In conclusion, Allied international security fire watch specialist will ensure the safety of your construction sites, corporate buildings, college and universities, retail avenues, manufacturing and industrial properties, offices etc. From fire outburst also ensuring the safety of the lives of all workers from fire outburst. Contact us today and be free from fire outburst.

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