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Best Private Security Companies in Los Angeles

Consider this: Los Angeles, already battling the coronavirus crisis, has witnessed a 15% rise in homicide rates in 2020. With the Los Angeles Police Department stretched to its limits, there is an increasing demand for private security guards in the Los Angeles area.

Choosing Wisely Matters

Los Angeles is home to several small and large private security companies. When it comes to selecting the right private security company for your home, office, or business, it helps to keep some essential factors in mind. 

The experience and general reputation of the firm are the most crucial factors to consider. The more experienced a security firm is, the more knowledgeable and skilled they likely are at protecting your business and your property. It is easy to determine a company’s reputation from what its clients have to say. You can find this information online by looking at their ratings and reviews on sites like Yelp. 

Social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are suitable for references too. You can also ask the company for a few client testimonials.

Other Factors That You Need to Consider

License and Insurance

Any professionally run, reputable security company will hold a valid license and also have proof of insurance. Go over the insurance documents to ensure the company provides sufficient coverage for your needs. The standard coverage is $1 million.

Trained Personnel

Ensuring that the company employs well-trained personnel is vital, else you run the risk of working with inefficient guards ill-equipped to handle emergencies and even routine tasks. Make it a point to ask what kind of services the company provides and whether those services meet your requirements.


Pricing is vital for any business, and it pays to check whether you are getting your money’s worth. Choosing a company that charges you significantly less than its competitors might just cost you in terms of the quality of services rendered. To get a better idea, consider asking the following questions:

How frequently will you be billed—weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

Will the firm charge a flat monthly fee, a uniform hourly rate, or different hourly rates depending on the kind of services provided? If you only have seasonal or part-time security requirements, hourly rates might be beneficial for you.

Will the firm cover the cost of uniforms, equipment, and supplies? Or will these expenses be charged to you?

Does the firm provide any other add-ons at no additional cost?

The Company’s Main Business

Most companies provide security assistance as an add-on to other services like landscaping, rental, parking, or cleaning. It is better to go with a firm that focuses on security as their primary or only business. Better still, hire a firm that specializes in the kind of security service you require.


You will need to check how tech-savvy the firm is. With surveillance gaining prominence, firms with top-notch CCTV surveillance technologies and virtual security capabilities should be seriously considered.

Background Screening

Ensure that your firm of choice follows a proper background screening process while hiring their employees and that all their personnel are thoroughly vetted and screened.

Why AIS?

Established in 2012, Allied International Security (AIS) is a leading security guard service company based in Southern California. We provide a wide gamut of security services that include residential and commercial property guards as well as  CCTV surveillance options.

AIS has the most comprehensive range of security services in the LA area. Our complete list of services includes:

  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Fire watch security
  • Loss prevention
  • Event security  
  • Security of construction sites 
  • Industrial security assistance

The AIS Effect

What makes AIS stand out from competitors is our attention to detail regarding your property’s security. We are known to implement meticulous screening measures when it comes to selecting our personnel. The process includes background checks, medical checks, drug screenings, character references, and personality tests. Apart from this, security personnel also undergo a rigorous training program. 

Guards receive regular on-the-job training that involves the latest security techniques. The following are the type of services that AIS provides.

Security Guard Services

Allied International Security provides guards for schools, colleges and universities, retail venues, corporate buildings, construction sites, manufacturing installations, and high-rise commercial properties. We also render loss prevention services for businesses such as retail stores and warehouses. 

What’s more, AIS offers customized services for each of its clients. For example, security personnel deployed at educational institutions provide unobtrusive service as opposed to when they are operating on a construction site.

When it comes to retail venues, AIS services range from stopping and dealing with shop-lifting to crime prevention. AIS offers security coverage for departmental stores, retail chains, shopping malls, and supermarkets in the retail space. 

Corporate Security

The Allied International Security team offers a range of services for corporations, including office complexes, financial institutions, research facilities, community facilities, and gated neighborhoods. We provide customized services to each of these establishments, taking into account their specific requirements.

AIS also provides a host of corporate services, including building security, weapons handling, and safety training to corporate staff.

For financial institutions, services performed include access control and monitoring entry and exit. Providing danger warnings and situational examinations is an essential part of our security services. 

Virtual Security

Surveillance has emerged as a favorite tool for law enforcers and private security companies alike. Surveillance aims to prevent crimes before they happen, thus enabling organizations to strengthen their loss prevention strategies. As such, Allied International Security has an arm devoted entirely to providing virtual security to deter internal and external theft and fraud.

Fire Watch Security Services

Our company is also well-equipped to provide fire watch services in areas where fire warning systems are not installed. The AIS team is trained to work in tandem with the fire department to ensure seamless operations when required. 

Covid-19 Screening Security

Amid the prevailing pandemic situation, Allied International Security has a solution to keeping organizations safe. The services offered include ensuring strict compliance with social distancing norms, enforcing the wearing of face masks, temperature screening, and implementing limited seating. 

Why Select Allied International Security

Well-Trained Employees

As mentioned above, AIS boasts professionally trained security guards hired after an elaborate recruitment process. They are equipped to employ their intelligence, quick thinking, and physical stamina to take control of a situation rather than resort to the use of firearms.  

AIS’s armed security guards are specially trained in patrolling services and are bonded and licensed. Moreover, they are trained in first aid, public relations, and criminology. 

Customers have access to 24/7 on-call services. AIS is fully insured and has a license from the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS). 

AIS guards must be punctual in their reporting time so that each person gets a proper briefing before relieving a colleague. Allied International Security’s guards are expected to be well-groomed and must wear their ID cards while on duty. 


AIS has both armed and unarmed guards. Unarmed guards are equipped with a walkie-talkie, flashlight, logbook, and pen. Armed security personnel have licensed firearms on their persons in addition to the other equipment.

Locations Served

This Southern California-based private security company services more than 50 locations in California, including Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Francisco County, and Santa Clara County.

Redefining Your Security Needs

The private security industry is a vital component of the safety and security network in the United States. In fact, the scope for private security deployment has increased manifold over the years. Today, many of the country’s institutions and critical infrastructure systems rely on private security personnel.

When hiring a private security company’s services, be clear about what you expect from the firm. The security partners you choose must be committed to protecting you and your investments. 

When it comes to AIS, commitment meets experience. You can rest assured knowing that you get not only a dedicated team of professionals but also the services of a company that is considered a leader in 

private security.

AIS—Committed to protecting you and yours, at all costs!

Client Testimonials

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