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There are endless options to choose from when shopping around for a security company, especially in the Los Angeles area. Demand for security companies is on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic according to IBIS World, and now is a great time to evaluate whether hiring a security company is right for you. 

At Allied International Security, we created this comprehensive guide to help you spot top traits when hiring a security company. We’ll walk you through the reasons to hire a security team and explain the types of services that are available to you. 

What to Use Us For

There’s no one perfect approach when it comes to safety. Deciding on what to hire a security company for really depends on what your concerns are. 

When people think of security companies, they often think of one security guard protecting the local mall or a team surveilling a corporate park. While these are examples of what security can be used for, security companies can do so much more for your business.

Allied International provides in-person security guards, CCTV surveillance, virtual security, and security teams for large corporations or businesses. 

Our security offerings span locations across Los Angeles. When considering what to use Allied International for, look no further than our catalog of services:

Security Guards

Security guards are the main service offered by companies like AIS—we provide the manpower to keep you safe. 

Our security guards are available at any location, servicing universities, retail environments, hospitals, banks, and special events. Security guard services are available 24/7 and have adaptable pricing options. Since there are so many reasons to hire a security team, we have communicative and flexible planning options that can be adjusted based on your needs.

CCTV Surveillance

Video security services monitor day-to-day operations to ensure the safety of your employees and personnel. These CCTV systems can be used in a variety of ways. Most commonly, they are put into place to deter thieves and other criminals, but they can also be useful for lowering insurance premiums. Video surveillance reduces the risk of challenges like fire or vandalism and can help aid law enforcement if the situation requires. 

As security systems become increasingly virtual, the price of installing permanent CCTV cameras has increased. At AIS, our CCTV surveillance services cover installation, repairs, reporting, and any additional support all for a monthly fee. The monthly payment option allows you to customize what CCTV services you want to include. Furthermore, subscribing to a monthly CCTV rental is more affordable than purchasing the equipment yourself, which helps your business’s overall bottom line.

When choosing a CCTV provider, it’s important to make sure that they’re experts at navigating their security system and that there is a team of personnel reviewing your security tapes offsite. Organization is key to ensure you have access to video recordings logs. As such, AIS has a team of experts observing your CCTV footage 24/7 so that nothing is missed. 

The purpose of CCTV is to have round-the-clock monitoring, which means it’s imperative nothing is missed by your security team. AIS’s CCTV analytics are top-notch. Our cameras use thermal imaging, ground radar, and motion detection to ensure there is no breach in security. These sensors alert the team to anything noteworthy, and our audio system allows us to issue verbal warnings to potential criminals before anything happens. 

Corporate Security Teams

Sometimes it takes a village. Locations like shopping malls, business complexes, and hospitals have a large influx of people entering and leaving every day. Many of these facilities are highly sensitive and require an extra level of security and care. For that reason, we offer options for larger corporate security teams to provide a heightened level of in-person surveillance. 

These groups are highly-trained security guards who work as a team to keep your business, customers, and properties safe.

When to Hire

Oftentimes, business owners aren’t sure when to hire a security company. Some businesses don’t think they need it, or they don’t think their company has enough growth to justify it. We recommend considering how you will approach security as soon as you can, as this can improve employee safety and the bottom line.

According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, repeat shoplifting offenders can cost businesses over $180,000 a year. Retail isn’t the only industry affected—according to the International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security, hospitals saw a 40% increase in crime from 2014 to 2016.  

These stats highlight the benefits of hiring your own security company. Companies like AIS have such a wide variety of options available, as we noted above, that your security package can be completely customized to your business needs. We recommend considering a security team if you’ve experienced any of the following:

Company Growth

As your company grows so does your risk of liability. Hiring a security company ensures that your employees are safe from unauthorized intruders or anyone looking to corrupt data. This also protects you and your team from employees who create any internal issues. 

Internal Security Limitations

Most companies opt out of creating their own internal security team because of the resources it takes to train, manage, and pay an entire team. By hiring out security services, the burden is lifted, and you can focus on what’s important—running your business. 

Increased Crime

If there’s been an influx of crime in your area, it’s smart to look into an extra barrier between your business and potential criminal activity. Hiring a security partner deters criminals from committing crimes in your area. 

Stress Over Security

This might seem like a no-brainer, but knowing that there is a third party whose job it is to keep you and your people safe helps you focus on other important things and maintain your peace of mind. 

Traits to Look For 

Security companies can be started by any individual, so it can be hard to identify the most reputable companies.

Allied International prides itself on being thorough when it comes to hiring our security guards. All security guards are registered with the state of California and undergo background checks and drug testing. Armed security guards are trained extensively in gun knowledge and handling to keep people safe while using firearms.

Aside from these hard requirements, Allied International guards are punctual, equipped, and presentable. These are essential when deciding on a security team, and there are several other ways to ensure the company you hire is working for you:

Area of Service

The first step when looking for a security company is to determine whether they service your area. Allied International services a wide range of areas in and around Los Angeles.

Choosing a security company that is nearby makes communication that much easier if issues do arise or if a backup is needed. Most security companies have their area of service listed online. Check our service locations here!

Previous Experience

Like any good employer, it’s important to consider the candidates’ background experience. Security companies are not all made the same, and you don’t want to hire a team that is unable to keep up with your safety demands. Read up on business reviews of the security company, ask for testimonials, and see if they can provide a case study of other successful security clientele similar to your needs. 

Checking in on past experience ensures the security team you hire will be able to deliver the level of expertise you are looking for. 

Insurance and Licensing

Always ask to see insurance and licensing before hiring a security company. These legal documents are required by the state of California and legitimize the security services offered. These requirements are put in place for safety reasons and ensure you will not be liable for certain risks associated with hiring a third party for security jobs. 

Response Rate 

Communication is a key principle to consider when hiring a security team. The people you hire will be an extension of your business. A good security company will communicate with you about daily happenings and will familiarize themselves with the designated area to make sure they’re aware of their surroundings and potential threats. 

When considering who to hire, ask yourself what ideal communication with a security team looks like and when the team should be available to you. Make sure the company is answering questions in a quick and timely manner. Since Allied International Security is available 24/7, it’s easy to contact us at any time regarding questions or concerns. 


Hiring a security company is important to maintain employee safety, ensure your business assets are safe, and prevent crime. With so many companies to choose from in the LA area, it’s necessary to assess the reasons you’re hiring a security team. 

We hope this comprehensive guide helps you identify reputable and reliable security companies near you. 

At Allied International Security, we check all the boxes for services offered. We can give you peace of mind for your business. Get a quote today! 

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