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No matter your industry or business, you might need security guards to protect your assets, clients, or customers. Far from being an unnecessary expense, security guards can provide peace of mind to you and offer real protection for your products or financial assets far beyond what mere camera monitoring can match.

However, no two security guard services are alike. Furthermore, you don’t want to hire a subpar security guard service. Doing so can cost you both time and money and lead to even worse security outcomes.

With these factors in mind, let’s break down why security guard services can benefit your company, plus what you should look for when hiring a security guard company. 

Why Rely on Security Guard Services?

When it comes to your business or property, you should take security seriously. But many modern companies struggle with managing and monitoring security coverage. Furthermore, security is an art in and of itself. Baristas, store clerks, or other such employees may not have the qualifications, training, or confidence to adequately protect company property or personnel.

Third-party, independently contracted services offer well-rounded solutions to any security needs. Security guard services can be hired as necessary and can provide a level of professionalism and protection from which any business will benefit.

Benefits of Contracted Security Guards

Hiring security guard services for your business, professional engagement, conference, or any other need is sure to benefit you. Here are just a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy once they start their work.

Crime Prevention

Of course, security guards help to prevent crime ranging from petty theft to more serious violence. In many cases, just having a security guard present on location is enough to deter many types of minor crimes, such as burglary, shoplifting, or even angry outbursts.

Furthermore, trained security guards from professional, licensed services are trained to look for any suspicious activity. They can often prevent a situation from escalating to violence and react to security breaches before most customers or clients even notice.

All in all, nothing prevents crime better than active security guards that promote a calm, secure presence. When combined with CCTV coverage and additional security measures (such as locks on doors, employee passes, and other electronic countermeasures), you may entirely eliminate issues like product loss.

Customer Service

Security guard services can also provide customer service duties. For instance, some security guards operate as front desk monitors or may help to control access to restricted or limited-access areas.

Indeed, security guards can have substantial interactions with customers or clients. But the right security guard service will have the training and professionalism necessary to meet those needs efficiently and properly.

Services with versatile security guards that take on these responsibilities can free up additional workforce power for the rest of your business or conference. Regular employees can go about other duties and know that they don’t have to keep people out of restricted areas if a contracted security guard service is assigned to do so.

Easier Property Monitoring

Larger buildings or organizations often have lots of territory to cover and monitor. It can quickly become cost-prohibitive to rely totally on CCTVs or other monitoring systems, especially since many of these systems are vulnerable to camera blind spots or other technical difficulties.

But contracted security guard services can patrol companies, buildings, conferences, and anything else. In this way, security services can prevent a company from suffering severe losses due to shoplifting, thievery, or break-ins.

A Sense of Security

Perhaps most importantly, security guard services provide a sense of security to everyone in a building or company. Such feelings of safety have significant effects on personal interactions and location control.

It’s much easier for a situation to spiral into a fight when there isn’t a security guard around to diffuse the conflict in moments. In contrast, locations with capable security forces will maintain a safe atmosphere and professional conduct much more readily, even if someone tries to escalate a situation.

What to Look for in an Independent Security Guard Company

While contracted security guard companies can be a great benefit to your office or business, you need to choose the right security guard company. Subpar companies can cost you serious time and money, both in terms of their actual services and the issues they fail to catch.

Total Offered Services

Ideally, you should be sure to double-check the full range of services offered by a security guard company before hiring them. Some companies, for example, only provide door guards or other limited security accommodations. Others may be limited by workforce size (i.e. number of guards you can have active at one time).

The best contracted security companies can provide a wide range of security services, ranging from door guards to desk guards to CCTV monitoring.

For example, Allied International Security is a top-tier firm that offers security guards for a variety of sites and building types, including:

  • colleges and universities
  • corporate buildings
  • retail venues
  • manufacturing and industrial sites
  • and much more

We even provide security for special events. Furthermore, we’re available 24/7, rather than being limited by much more constrained working hours.

Bottom line: be sure to choose a security guard company that can fulfill all your needs.

Licensing and Accreditation/Insurance

You’ll also want to check whether or not a security guard company is fully licensed and accredited. Licensure refers to their business licenses—only licensed companies can legally offer security services, handle weaponry, and provide additional services like first aid.

Don’t forget to check for insurance either. Insurance is essential as it is needed to protect yourself if one of the security company’s guards become injured during their assignment.

Companies like Allied International Security provide all our services with full licensure and insurance. Our qualifications guarantee that any clients are protected in the event of an accident.

Guards’ Skills and Temperaments

When discussing a potential hire, be sure to investigate individual guards’ skills and temperaments. Of course, more experienced security guards are usually better since they can handle a wider variety of situations and de-escalate tense moments more consistently.

More novice security guards are rarely worth your time and money, and they may even accidentally escalate a dangerous situation, costing you in the long run.

But temperament is also critical. Some security guard companies provide “tough as nails” workers who are perfect for construction worksites and similar environments. Others may offer security guards with more customer-friendly attitudes. These guards can be great choices if you need someone to staff a front desk or prevent clients from accessing restricted locations with a little grace.

Either way, be sure to inquire about temperament, so you are matched with security guards that work well for your specific needs. Many of the best security guard companies will have guards on both ends of the spectrum as we do at Allied International Security.

A Good Prior Clients List

Any security guard firm worth your time should have an extensive list of prior clients. Ask to see this list or do your own investigation. What you’re looking for is satisfaction.

A long history of satisfied clients is the best indication that the security guard service in question is an excellent fit for your needs. Satisfied prior clients will always recommend a service they were pleased with. 

The more clients a firm has had, the better chance you have of being satisfied with their services and guard force experience. A more extensive client history also increases their value since more experienced guards are always superior.

Armed or Unarmed?

Lastly, you’ll want to determine whether a security guard service has armed guards and unarmed guards or only the latter. Unarmed guards can be ideal for a variety of typical commercial environments, such as retail locations or conferences.

However, sometimes you need armed guards on location, whether to prevent theft or to send the appropriate message to any potential instigators. But only some security guard services provide armed guards to their clients.

Allied International Security, for example, provides both armed and unarmed guards depending on what our clients need. This diversity in services emphasizes our exceptional versatility and allows us to work within whatever constraints our clients have.

Additionally, a service that only provides unarmed guards may not be worth your time and money. It indicates that the service doesn’t have the requisite licensure or training necessary to provide armed guard services. Plus, it sometimes shows that the firm isn’t as advanced or professional as its competitors.


Ultimately, groups like Allied International Security are your best bet if you’re looking for professional, organized, and skilled security guards. Fortunately, we’re easy to contact starting today. You can contact us online or by phone, and we’ll begin working on a contract based on your unique needs.

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