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Diligent Security Guards in Los Angeles

Security threats loom when least expected. Why worry when help is only a phone call away?

Allied International Security strives to offer top-notch security guard services around the clock in the Los Angeles area. That means we’re available for assistance any day at any time, including holidays.

Our clients receive experienced, licensed, and insured security guards who are thoroughly background checked before employment.

When tragedy strikes, a quick emergency response is vital. Such emergencies may include fires, power outages, medical emergencies, and violent crimes.

Affordable and competitive rates make AIS an accessible option for a wide range of clientele. Also, AIS guards are equipped with up-to-date security technology.

Rest assured, if there is a safety or security problem, an immediate solution is sure to follow with AIS.

Protection Against Any Threat

Our security guards can de-escalate conflict, prohibit loitering, patrol construction sites, and more. If a security issue arises, an amicable solution is always the objective.

Violent Crime

Violent crime in Los Angeles has skyrocketed 25% since last year, according to the L.A. Times. This level of violence has not been seen in a decade.

While this may be alarming news, it is also a testament to the importance of additional security. Many popular security cameras can detect and record wrongdoing but will not alert the authorities or provide countermeasures.

Introducing a physical presence deters most offenders from committing a crime. Using guards sends a message that your property is protected and that the guards will detain potential criminals until the authorities arrive.


Violent crime is not the only security threat. For those in private residences, theft is more problematic. Theft commonly occurs when clients are sleeping or away. Introducing AIS unarmed security guards in those situations will minimize your risk of loss. When potential criminals recognize an authoritative presence, they are often deterred.


What if a fire breaks out? What about the need for immediate medical attention? These are common concerns for our clients. If a fire threat is out of control, AIS will notify the nearest Los Angeles Fire Department. Otherwise, AIS guards will safely handle it.

We also protect properties without fire warning systems. In such situations, we provide a reliable fire watch. By law, the Los Angeles Fire Department requires facilities to possess basic fire warning systems.

A fire watch controls the premises if alarms or sprinkler systems are not functioning. We’ll find the right security guard, or guards, to maintain a physical presence in the absence of necessary fire suppression systems.

Medical Situations

Our security guards are CPR-certified and trained to handle various medical situations. In any case, we will immediately notify local Los Angeles authorities of injury or danger. Our security guards will do everything in their power to minimize harm or critical damage.

Again, different clients have different needs. We evaluate varying threat levels on a case-by-case basis. AIS will assess your property’s or business’s potential risks and create a plan to meet those needs.

Potential Security Guard Locations

Security guards are available to Los Angeles properties at risk for damage, theft, injury, or loitering. AIS guards are quick to respond. They are vigilant. And they care about the well-being of every client, worker, guest, or resident.

Commercial and Residential Properties

AIS patrols both commercial and residential properties. This invitation is extended but not limited to academic institutions, banks, event venues, industrial properties, offices, and apartment complexes.

Public and Private Events

For public or private events, security guards may only be required for a limited time. We understand that every location has different needs. We pride ourselves on being understanding and accommodating. Whether you need our security guards for a single event or permanent presence, AIS is there.

Academic Institutions

Academic institutions are unfortunate targets of crime. Security guards may be required as a permanent fixture if threat levels are high.

If our guards identify a possible armed assailant, avoiding conflict is always the priority. Security guards are trained to prevent critical injury. Students, along with staff, will be evacuated in a swift and timely manner.

Of course, this level of security at academic institutions is only an example. It can be applied to any high-risk location patrolled by our security guards in Los Angeles.

Wherever or whenever security is lacking, AIS is on call to prepare a solution. It is our privilege to serve and deploy responsive and well-trained security guards anywhere within the Los Angeles area.

Businesses of All Sizes

No client is too small or large to require a professional security detail. Long-term and temporary solutions are also available per client request.

We cater to client needs and integrate security that works. Minimizing risk and evaluating potential threats helps everything run smoothly. These are just some of the things that set us apart from our competitors.

Armed or Unarmed Security Guards?

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards help prevent high-risk situations. Locations such as banks, corporate facilities, and certain academic facilities may require additional protection. Armed criminals are a potential threat to such establishments. As such, it’s essential to be prepared.

Armed security guards can minimize violent acts used to commit theft and bodily harm. While armed security guards may be intimidating, it sends a clear message. Most times, the visual aspect of this extra level of security is enough. And if it’s not, armed guards are available to deter any possible threat.

Unarmed Security Guards

While armed security guards are useful for some situations, they’re not necessary for others. Many events, for example, require guests to be checked for illegal contraband. Unarmed security guards are perfectly acceptable in such situations.

AIS guards may handle unruly guests within the venue without excessive force. Our Los Angeles security guards possess the necessary equipment and training to seize unauthorized items and illegal weapons.

Locations where petty crimes predominantly occur are also ideal for unarmed security guards. Such places include shopping malls, construction sites, and residential areas.

A single solution does not match the needs of every location. You may require adjustments to best suit the safety and security of your property. Possessing the ability to deploy armed or unarmed security guards makes AIS a reliable choice for many situations.

Security Guard Consulting

Discovering security guard availability is just a phone call away. Please call 800-228-2505 for assistance. A friendly AIS associate can offer a customized quote as well as deliver expectations. For clients in the Los Angeles area, AIS is accessible and determined to exceed your expectations.

Security cameras may be a preventative measure, but nothing compares to the physical presence of security guards. Unfortunately, security cameras are unable to stop trespassers or adequately assist those in need of medical help. Nothing can substitute the watchful eye of trained security guards.

The decision to apply armed or unarmed security guards can be determined by experienced AIS staff. Don’t worry about personally diagnosing various security issues. Leave that to the professionals. Through meticulous and careful inspection, we will determine the best security solution for you.

There are a variety of security guard services in Los Angeles. So why choose Allied International Security?

The answer is simple.

AIS goes above and beyond to maintain the security and safety of everyone on your premises. Security comes in many forms.

Whether it’s to deter crime, loitering, physical harm, or structural damage, AIS is committed to solving the challenges presented by any situation. It is our goal to deliver peace of mind to each of our clients.

Maintaining a safe atmosphere for your employees, guests, and visitors can be easily accomplished with help from AUIS. Our security guards are available for patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

COVID-19 Precautions

maskAIS puts the safety of clients and staff first. Because of this, we require Allied Security Guards to always wear a face mask and maintain proper social distancing protocol.

Temperature screening and observing max occupancy regulations are necessary during these uncertain times. Your safety is our top priority.

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