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Why Security services are necessary for construction sites?

Security is necessary for construction sites, during work hours and off hours, both day and night. Expensive tools, heavy machines, construction materials and equipment are prone to theft or vandalism and you need someone you can trust to secure your property. Allied Int Security provides Security Guards and Services at very competitive rates.

What are you waiting for? Stop taking risks on your construction site being targeted for crime or vandalism! Our security guard Firm can provide customized guard services and security services for construction sites today, including:


  • Construction Site Security Officers
  • Construction Site Guard Services
  • Plain cloth security
  • CCTV Security Cameras
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Construction site Access Control
  • Internet Monitoring
  • Construction Site Patrol
  • Undercover Security
  • Armed guards
  • Unarmed Guards
  • Mobile patrol Services
  • Construction Site Surveillance
  • Uniformed Security Guards

and many more…

Our firm is equipped with the personnel and materiel required to secure your construction site. We have fully trained Security guards who are highly capable of performing their duties in worst case scenario, are prudent, smart and able to tackle situations very efficiently because they are trained to do so!

We provide plain-clothed security guards as well as Uniformed; we can provide you mobile patrolling for keep an eye on your site; we can provide armed and unarmed security guards according to the situation; we can provide temporary Installation of CCTV camera’s, CCTV security services to monitor everything –  by our team or by you – and we provide under cover security as well!

We can monitor all traffic in and out of your site through the use of software installationa, allowing you to keep track of everything happening in the area.

We are a team of dedicated people and our Guards and security services are top-notch in the market, at very reasonable and affordable prices.

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