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Our top priorities are providing a safe working and shopping environment and helping store management reduce shrink when we are responsible for retail security. As shoplifters and dishonest employees become increasingly savvy, it becomes more challenging than ever to implement effective retail loss prevention strategies.

Allied Int Security service is introducing  new concepts of securing retail venues which hold a bright future. We can assure our clients that we are responsible for their retail security. Our top priorities are to provide our clients a safe working and shopping atmosphere, and helping store and mall management reduce shrink. As the number of shoplifters and dishonest people rises, it’s become more important than ever to implement effective security strategies.

The security needs of retail venues mostly depend on the type of stores, their locations, size, and timing of operations. Our security personnel are able to meet the requirements of a variety of clients, including shopping malls, large stores, departmental stores, supermarkets, 24-hour convenience stores, retail chain stores and many other types of retail venues.

Our guards have been trained to identify professional shop-lifters in order to prevent loss, and get them turned over quickly to civil authorities. Our mall security officers are well trained to provide our clients the best security service available, for loss prevention, emergency loss, crime prevention, and more.

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