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Private security guards now out number police officers in the United States. Security and safety services have become so common in parts of the world that citizens often don’t think about them at all. As modern-day threats such as cybersecurity breaches and terrorism attacks face businesses, security patrol companies are now needed more than ever. Hours of extensive training and strategic planning are just a few examples of the hard work happening behind the scenes when it comes to the security guards that we so often take for granted. 

These unthought-of first responders make a big difference in our community in several ways.

What is a Security Patrol Company?

A security patrol company is a private corporation that staffs armed and unarmed guards, providing security services to a wide array of clientele. These companies offer surveillance services to private businesses, retail stores, construction sites, and industrial buildings.

About AIS

Allied International Security (AIS) is a private security company based in California that provides clients with a reliable security service to stop vandalism, theft, and other crimes in their tracks. Serving over 60 different counties in the California area, we are here to help you with our skilled, professional guards and vast knowledge of protection and crime prevention. 

We pride ourselves in providing services to all types of clients and businesses. Our security services include protecting college campuses,  preventing loss in the retail settings, securing construction sites, offering corporate security, and providing fire watch security. 

At AIS, we use state-of-the-art software to ensure that our clients are satisfied and guards work efficiently. We have advanced command centers for video surveillance, and all of our guards are licensed and well-trained. AIS offers both armed and unarmed guard services, and we go out of our way to make sure that we always deploy the right guard for the job. 

Protect Your Assets with AIS

AIS provides a variety of services, including private security guard services, virtual security, surveillance, and corporate security. Our security guard services are available to universities, large event venues, retailers, hospitals, business complexes, and more. Here are some more detailed descriptions of ways we can help protect your organization. 

College Campuses

Private security companies are often needed to patrol universities to keep students safe. Our security guards can help keep colleges protected by monitoring behavior, investigating any disturbances, and providing security during events. We tailor our security offerings to each unique client, and colleges often vary in their needs and budget. Finding the most suitable solutions for a given university’s size and needs is something we strive for. 

Construction Sites

Vandalism and theft are common and expensive concerns in the construction industry. Construction site security guards play an essential role in the community by protecting important areas and saving construction companies’ money. AIS is a trusted business with competitive rates that can keep your construction site’s expensive machinery and valuable tools safe and secure at all hours. We can provide uniformed or undercover guards to meet the unique needs of your site. 

Corporate Security

Large corporations spend billions every year, so even a small loss could come at a high cost. With our corporate security, we can prevent security breaches at your firm. We serve an extensive clientele of corporations, including hospitals, business complexes, financial institutions, gated communities, apartment buildings, theatres, hotels, and more. 

Hospital Security

Hospitals and healthcare facilities play a critical role in our community, and keeping hospital employees, patients, and families safe is not to be taken lightly. In recent years, hospitals have seen an increase in violent crimes directed at employees and visitors. Having security guards staffed at large facilities like hospitals can prevent all types of serious issues from happening, including violent crimes, terrorist attacks, and more. 

Loss Prevention

Our loss prevention tactics help retailers protect their merchandise with video surveillance, electronic article surveillance, and security guard services. Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a beneficial method for preventing retail loss. Using a combination of electronic tags on merchandise and an alarm system, EAS can quickly alert retailers if an item is taken out of a store or warehouse.

Virtual Security 

In the year 2019, data breaches accounted for 164 million private records exposed. Virtual security breaches could easily be the top risk for most companies, internally and externally. We provide services that can help protect your firm, boost efficiency, and improve business. Virtual security can utilize firewall and antivirus software to help keep your company’s data safe.

Surveillance Services 

Loss prevention in the retail setting is just one of the many ways our surveillance services can benefit our clients. Our surveillance services work by having a guard watch your property from a high tech command center. Our advanced software can notify of any unwanted presences on the property, prompting a dispatch of guards to the area. We can even communicate to trespassers over an intercom system to help prevent any issues before they occur. 

Event Security

We also offer security services for large events such as concerts. At AIS, we handle security at events by paying attention to all known risk factors, assessing the number of attendees, and understanding the event’s purpose. This process helps our guards stay prepared and aware of potential risk factors. 

Fire Watch Security

Fire watch security can be used in areas that don’t have working alarm or sprinkler systems. Fire departments frequently require that a company provide security to keep an area clear and safe until alarm systems are installed. Many companies have faced fines due to not having proper fire watch during this type of situation. When you team with AIS, we can make a fire watch plan for your facility. 

Residential Security

Keeping gated communities and apartment complexes safe is another service that we are happy to offer at AIS. Residential areas can be subject to burglary, vandalism, and theft. Having guards on duty in these areas can make all the difference in helping your complex feel livable. We can also help secure community facilities such as libraries, galleries, parks, and more. Keeping a close watch on residential areas can prevent crime from happening and help serve justice for the homeowners who fall victim to crime.


At AIS, we use advanced technology to bring our clients the best private security service on the market. Our skilled guards use strong attention to detail when assessing situations to provide high quality and efficient patrolling services. The presence of security guards alone can give event-goers peace of mind, but at AIS, there is so much more to safety than just the guards. 

AIS represents vast areas of expertise, years of knowledge, and excellence in customer service. We set ourselves apart by continually striving to cater to your facility’s unique needs. Our advanced software takes the guesswork out of hiring a security guard service and helps us surveil your property more efficiently. 

Why Demand is Growing for Private Security Services 

Our country, and the world as a whole, just hasn’t been the same since the 9/11/2001 tragedy. Despite recent drops in crime rates, society doesn’t seem to feel as safe as it once did, and large corporations are no exception. Private security guards are working on the frontlines of crime prevention with other first responders. A private security company like AIS can reassure you that your business or private residence is safe. 


As our world advances, new types of crime are appearing at all times. Some companies don’t even realize their need for private security services until it’s too late. With the variety of security services we offer, there is a service to fit any corporation’s needs. Security guards’ support is an easy thing to take for granted, but hiring a security patrol company can save you time, money, and energy. Security services on your premises can help you feel more informed and prepared for anything. 

Let Us Help You

At AIS, we want to help. We genuinely care about our customers, and we take pride in tailoring to your unique needs. Offering 24-hour services, our highly trained and professional security guards will not let you down. Our vast array of specialization means a security service for any business or private client, and years of experience, professionalism, and knowledge makes us the best choice for your company. Let us help you. Call for a quote today.

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