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Since the beginning of the decade, there has been a consistent increase in the use of private security services. As told by Forbes, the number of private security guards nearly doubles that of public police officers, with the US private security industry employing over 1.1 million guards. 

Private security proves to be a reliable, responsive, and professional means of protection—especially here at Allied International Security (AIS). 

We pride ourselves on delivering valuable service that meets our customers’ unique needs, starting with establishing complete transparency with our clients.    

Navigating the world of private security can be difficult, especially in a city as big as Los Angeles. But in this all-inclusive blueprint article, we’ll take you through our top tips for choosing the best service for you. 

In this guide, we help you better understand the purpose of using a private security service, the various types of services available in the greater LA area, and ways to connect with Allied International Security. 

Benefits of Using a Private Security Service

Los Angeles is known for its beautiful year-round weather, a slew of engaging attractions, a colorful food scene, and an ethnically diverse population. This city is not only a flourishing metropolis but also the entertainment capital of the West. 

But with such urban prosperity comes vast unsafety. For example, violent crime in Los Angeles has increased by 20% since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Subscribing to a private security service like Allied International Security could ensure your safety given our dedication to addressing your business’s unique concerns. 

Allied International Security is a Southern Californian security company that provides numerous services to large and small commercial, industrial, and residential clients. AIS services come with a host of benefits, including, but not limited to:

Proactive Protection

Allied International Security relies on preventative security tactics to provide effective protection to all of our clients. Taking the saying “better safe than sorry” to heart, we pride ourselves on assessing potential threats and setting up efficient protective barriers between those threats and our clients. 

Our fully licensed and insured company trains all our personnel with the latest technologies and equips them with the newest security gear to ensure the job gets done right. Every AIS associate’s expertise attests to our commitment to prioritizing every clients’ sense of well-being. 

Thorough Management of Security Threats

Be it theft and burglary, vandalism, or assault, Allied International Security employees are trained to thoroughly evaluate and mitigate all types of physical security threats. 

Always acting with professionalism, AIS staff work to implement dependable security solutions to fit any scenario thrown their way. We take pride in being your first line of defense, and we treat our job of ensuring your protection accordingly. 

Personalized Care

Unlike public security, Allied International Security’s private services are tailored to meet our clients’ needs. 

We refuse to take on a one-size-fits-all approach to establishing sound security. Instead, we use personal consultations to gauge which of our specialized services would best suit our clients’ needs. Then, after offering a free initial quote, we assess how we can best serve our customers as their demands evolve.

Types of AIS Security Services Offered

The private security industry breeds a wide array of services—much more than the classic mall cop or club bouncer. Here at Allied International Security, we provide personal security guards, CCTV surveillance, virtual security, and on-site corporate security. With such an expansive list of quality services, we encourage you to investigate our resources before working with us.

Below is a comprehensive list of every major service we actively provide. 

Personal Security Guards

Subject to intensive screening, including legal background checks and frequent drug testing, our California-registered personal security guards are among the best of the best. 

One of the most important qualities we instill within our employed bodyguards is punctuality. According to the AIS rules and regulations, each of our associates must be present on time and survey the designated site as thoroughly as possible. Such punctuality is especially crucial when one guard is relieving another.

Uniformity is another key characteristic each of our security guards exemplifies. Each of our officers always maintains a presentable appearance. Our guards’ typical uniform consists of a visible identification card, freshly pressed attire, shined black shoes, a plain belt, and well-groomed hair and facial hair. 

Armed Guards vs. Unarmed Guards

We provide both armed and unarmed private security guards. The primary difference between AIS armed and unarmed guards is the equipment in which they receive training. 

Unarmed officers are equipped with a flashlight, pocket radio, pen, logbook, and time clock. Armed guards carry all the same things as well as tactical weapon. 

All training, attire, and mandated procedures are the same regardless of whether a guard is armed or not. 

CCTV Surveillance

At AIS, we also offer closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance with which we monitor your premises from our state-of-the-art command center. This service includes installation, warranty, replacement, repairs, upgrades, technical support, and 24-hour surveillance.

Our cameras utilize precise analytic tools such as thermal imaging, ground radar, and motion detection to alert AIS staff of any suspicious or prohibited behavior on our clients’ property. We readily dispatch patrol officers and/or provide an immediate connection to public law enforcement to eliminate all security breaches. 

No matter the project’s size, there are no upfront costs associated with our CCTV surveillance system. Monitoring daily business operations, ensuring your employees’ safety, and keeping track of work progress has never been so easy and affordable! 

Virtual Security 

In addition to our CCTV service, we offer remote virtual surveillance.

With our virtual security facilities, AIS regularly helps clients reduce the prevalence of internal and external threats such as theft and fraud, enhance their business operations and efficiency, and organize information from virtually any location. 

In short, AIS virtual security builds IT safeguards that deliver reliable protection against technical attacks.     

Corporate Security

High-traffic establishments like hotels, colleges, universities, and hospitals are all especially susceptible to security breaches. The constant busyness of these institutions makes them easy targets for malicious and petty crime alike. With this in mind, Allied International also provides highly skilled squads of corporate security officers to patrol such businesses. 

Whether they are guarding a place of worship, high-rise building, or local movie theater, AIS corporate security guards, like our personal bodyguards, use their specialized training to quickly evaluate potential threats and take preventive measures to eliminate them. 

Connecting with Allied International Security

Here at AIS, we are eager to assist new customers with all their security needs. Whether you are an individual or a massive corporation, we service anyone concerned with their safety. Use the information below today to eradicate all of your security troubles!

Booking AIS

To get a free quote from AIS, call 1-213-458-4122. For any other questions or concerns, feel free to email us at

Although we are located in Los Angeles, Allied International Services currently serves over fifty California counties. You can see a full list of those locations on our website

Client Testimonials


Still on the fence about using Allied International Security? Maybe our feedback from previous clients could help you decide whether we would make a perfect match or not. 

With a 4.8-star Google rating and over 55 Google reviews, we have taken the time to build meaningful rapport with our customers. We know and value the importance of creating functional relationships with our clients and work tirelessly to do so.

When reflecting on our work together, our clients comment positively on our company and security personnel’s professionalism, punctuality, and reliability.

One of our recent customers commented that when hiring AIS to monitor an event for her NGO, “the two [AIS] guards were extremely professional, kind and attentive.” Another past client insisted that AIS “made everything look very seamless and secure,” given how punctual, professional, and reliable our guards were. 

Other clients noted how responsive our officers are when working a job. One such client remarked that the AIS guard on duty “was very responsive, aware of [their] surroundings, [and] took precautionary measures.” 

When working with Allied International Security, we promise to cater our skillful training and expertise to your specific needs while upholding the highest level of customer service.

Client Testimonials

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We’re not a “one size fits all” security company. When you trust Allied International Security, you can be confident in our expert security solutions to cover your unique needs - in any industry or setting.

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